Wholesale Staff

JanetSquare200pxJanet Hoshino
Director of Sales
NathanielSquare200pxNathaniel Howell
Account Manager & Sales
salsquareb&w200pxSal Persico
Barista & Trainer
CraigSquare200pxCraig Melillio
Barista & Trainer - NYC
ScottSquare200pxScott Crispo
Service Manager

Build long-lasting wholesale relationships. George Howell has dedicated his life to the pursuit of sourcing and roasting the highest quality coffees available. And because of George’s never-ending dedication and focus, he has built a company around him that is equally passionate about producing the highest quality coffee possible—every day. If you are passionate about serving quality coffee, fill out the form below to be connected directly with our sales team.

Focus on coffee quality. We are driven to produce the highest quality, consistently roasted coffee possible—from the selection process to green coffee storage to roasting. George and Jennifer visit farmers across the world, cup thousands of coffees both at the source and at our roastery, and narrow down to a small selection that we purchase for the year. We have built relationships over decades with many of our farmers. We understand the growing environment, offer feedback on each coffee harvest and become a valuable resource to our farmers.  We recognize the farmer’s dedication to produce exceptional coffee by supplying detailed information on our bags so your staff and customers can learn about the coffee they are drinking.

Roast in small batches. Our coffee is craft roasted in small batches to guarantee our customers have the freshest coffee possible. We use roast profile technology to ensure consistency of every roast, every day. We are constantly learning and challenging ourselves to achieve the perfect roast to highlight the terroir of each coffee. Our quality control department brews and tastes samples of our daily roasts and goes one step further using ExtractMojo, technology funded by George Howell, to ensure each roast is properly extracting.

Educate and train baristas. We believe the relationships we develop extend beyond the farmers to the staff and barista’s at our cafés and restaurants, and to our office partners. Our barista trainers will train staff on coffee and espresso brewing methods—either at our roastery or on location. We spend time with the staff describing the coffees offered and how to communicate to your customers the quality of what you are serving. In addition, George’s renowned interactive educational presentation and tasting seminar, For the Love of Coffee, held at our roastery as well as throughout the country, is open to your staff and customers. We believe the more educated consumers become the more they will seek out cafés and restaurants that can deliver real quality in a dependable coffee program.

Design coffee programs. We work with café, restaurant and office customers to design a coffee program that fits with their goals and needs—from start to finish. With over 35 years of café and restaurant experience, we provide guidance and feedback on design and layout of your coffee service area for the most efficient workflow. We will hold as many tastings of our coffee offerings as necessary until you find the drip coffee and espresso that you, your staff and your customers will love. We are available to guide you on your coffee menu, pricing, and drink sizes based on your concept, location, and competitors.

Provide expertise to select the right equipment. We work with you to select the correct equipment for your café, restaurant or office needs. We only sell equipment that we believe brews our craft-roasted coffee best including La Marzocco espresso machines; Fetco commercial brewers; Mazzer, Grindmaster and Bunn grinders; and manual brewers. If you have existing equipment, our service technicians will calibrate it to maximize the flavor of our coffees and espressos. We have an on-staff service manager, trained directly by the equipment manufacturers, who is available to calibrate and repair all equipment we sell. For customers outside our area, we have a network of service technicians to help with any equipment repair or calibration needs.

Ongoing customer support to ensure success. We are a small company, and because of that, we personalize our relationship with you to best suit your needs and goals. From weekly calls for your coffee orders to setting up trainings, to on-site coffee tasting of our latest offerings, our account manager will ensure you have everything you need to flawlessly execute your coffee program. Ultimately, our mission is the same as yours—to serve the best coffee possible.

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